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RMS Titanic, White Star Line’s most famous and tragic ship, was launched on 31st May 1911 at Harland and Wolff, Belfast. At the time of her completion, Titanic was the world’s largest man-made moving object and amongst the most luxurious of ships to have ever been constructed.

On 10th April 1912, Titanic departed Southampton for her maiden voyage to New York. After having left land behind for the last time, Titanic had onboard 2208 people, including rich and famous passengers, and passengers travelling in search of a better life.

On the fourth night of the voyage, Titanic struck an Iceberg and sank within just two hours and forty minutes. Only 712 of the 2208 people survived. The Titanic Pages tells the story of the ship and the people aboard on that fateful night.

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In total as she departed land for the last time, Titanic had 1,317 passengers aboard, travelling in three separate areas of the ship - first class, second class and third class:

First Class Passenger List - Includes a growing list of passenger biography pages.

Passengers who departed Titanic in Queenstown

Babies sailing aboard Titanic

Pregnant passengers and unborn babies aboard Titanic

Passengers born in or living in California

Second Class Passenger List

Third Class Passenger List

Navigating Titanic and looking after the ship and her passengers were 891 people employed as Titanic's crew members:

Titanic's Officers

Titanic's Lookouts and Crow's Nest - includes a biography page for each lookout.

Female members of Titanic's crew

List of crew who deserted or failed to sail on Titanic

Titanic's Officers' Quarters

The real J Dawson aboard Titanic

David Blair, Titanic’s original Second Officer

Construction of Titanic had began at Harland and Wolff, Belfast in March 1909:

Titanic's Launch - the launching of Titanic’s hull into the water for the first time.

By April 1912 Titanic had been completed, and her Sea Trials were soon carried out, before she then made her Delivery Trip from Belfast to Southampton, ready for her to begin her intended career as a transatlantic liner.

The completed Titanic.

Titanic's voyage from Southampton until the collision with the iceberg lasted for 4 days:

Titanic's collision with the iceberg

Passengers travelling in First class enjoyed the most comfortable surroundings on the ship and some notable features aboard for them to enjoy:

Titanic's Grand Staircase

Titanic's À la Carte Restaurant

Titanic's Squash Court

Titanic's Band

Titanic's Barber Shop

Titanic's Swimming Pool - Updated

Titanic's Café Parisien

Titanic's Turkish Baths

Titanic's Gymnasium

Out of sight of the first class passenger's notable parts of the ship included 'Scotland Road' a long passageway used by both the third class passengers and the ship's crew, and far below deck Titanic's massive boilers would have been found. Amongst the items stored in Titanic's cargo hold there was even a car.

During the sinking 18 of Titanic's 20 lifeboats were successfully - although mostly under filled with people - lowered away from the ship; with time having run out to launch them, the other two floated off the ship, where they become the Saviour of a few of the last remaining aboard who would survive Titanic. The lifeboats section of the website includes pages about most of the boats.

After the sinking a number of memorials (links to a growing list of pages about Titanic memorials) were constructed to commemorate the Titanic disaster.

Some other Titanic pages about Titanic's story:

Titanic Videos - includes survivor interviews and footage of Titanic.

Titanic Liverpool - Titanic's connection to Liverpool and why she had the name Liverpool on her stern.

Number aboard and lost and saved

Search and discovery of Titanic Wreck

Titanic dimensions and statistics

Our ‘sister website’ White Star History is closely interconnected to Titanic Pages and details the history of Titanic’s owners, the White Star Line and their ships, included Titanic’s sister ships Olympic and Britannic.

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